How We Work

How We Work

What is the Capital Resource Network?

Capital Resource Network is an innovative program currently being incubated by the University of California, Davis. We recognize the value of skilled talent in the Sacramento region.  We are a fee-for-service non-profit that supports newly recruited employees and their family with a multitude of relocation services ranging from searching for housing, assisting the spouse or partner in their search for employment, and making new community connections.

Who pays for these services and when?

These services are paid for by the employer as an additional relocation benefit to their newly recruited and valued talent.  Service can begin well in advance of the move date.  No need to wait until the last minute to find housing and new resources in one’s new community.  Getting established early can make the world of difference between a happy and exciting new-start or a hectic move.

Why are these services useful?

Services are designed to accelerate the integration process and reduce employee stress related to relocation by establishing early connections to locally established service providers, resources and programs.  The Network can discuss a variety of topics beyond what is appropriate for an employer to assist with.  Clients may choose to touch on local schools, social activities, farmer’s markets or the general social vibrancy that the Sacramento region is becoming fast known for.

How long do Capital Resource Network’s services last?

The Capital Resource Network will work with the client and their family up to six months or approximately 20 hours.  Services can be initiated early and well-in advance of the actual start or move date.

How can I get started with Capital Network Resource services?

Ask your employer to contact Capital Resource Network. Upon referral, Capital Resource Network reaches out to the new employee to conduct the Initial Consult, the first step to creating an extensive portfolio of services customized to the client and their family.