Our Team

Our Team

“The team was professional, caring and very attentive throughout the process. The help they provided in finding employment for my partner was hugely helpful.”


Linda Assadian, RN, MBA

(530) 574-8480

As the director of the Capital Resource Network, Linda Assadian helps to welcome newly relocated professionals and their families to the Capital Region. After 17 years of living in four different countries, raising two children and supporting the career advancement of her engineer husband of 22 years, Linda understands the unique tests and blessings that can accompany relocation and now works to pay that knowledge and experience forward to others.

Linda’s personal insight brings invaluable perspective to her role as she assists the entire family acclimate to their new community from social, dual career, cultural, and linguistic challenges. Linda knows that finding the right network of resources, prior to and after relocation, can be an invaluable lifeline and understands how the right start can have a huge positive impact on the overall relocation experience.

Prior to becoming director of the Capital Resource Network, Linda lived her years abroad in France, Germany and lastly England where she served at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon, as a Trade Marketing Officer responsible for growing trade partners. Linda began her career at Pacific Gas and Electric Company and served in several roles including marketing, business services, and regional government relations. A Registered Nurse with the State of California, Linda also earned an MBA from California State University, Sacramento. While in the UK, she served as a Trustee of the Stratford-upon-Avon Food Bank.


Maggie Gonzalez

Client Services Coordinator
(530) 752-2961

As a UC Davis Alum and raising kids for 10 years in Davis, Maggie has firsthand knowledge about the community. With a 1% vacancy rate in Davis, housing can be challenging, but Maggie leverages UC Davis’ reputation to foster relationships with property managers and reputable realtors. Maggie helps clients navigate daycares, schools, and after-school activities, providing access to all kinds of community resources—from the best violin teachers to competitive swim teams.

Maggie has worked in property sales, managed private events and wine tasting rooms. With excellent communication and customer service skills, she eases the stresses of the relocation process by being an approachable point of contact for any questions and concerns. In her free time, she is working towards her Ph.D. in English and is a member of the Davis National Charity League.


Brent Bynum

Client Engagement Manager
(530) 752-6587

As an alum of both UC Davis and Davis High, Brent is savvy to the charm of Davis (and Sacramento). With a Master’s Degree in Career Counseling and over a decade of experience advising professionals to pinpoint their career targets and expand on their professional growth, Brent is up to the task of helping CRN’s dual career clients succeed. Not only does he refine application materials and provide interview preparation tactics, but he also generates meaningful professional connections and gives the occasional motivating pep talk. Customer service and client confidentiality are two of Brent’s professional cornerstones.

As the Client Engagement Manager of the Capital Resource Network, Brent is enthusiastic to help clients gain access to the professional lay of the land, as well as acclimating them into the community.  In his spare time, Brent can be found on a yoga mat, tennis court, or taking long nature walks.