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Testimonial 19

“…the Capital Resource Network has been accommodating, professional and helpful… this is a very valuable new program for recruitment and retention.”

Testimonial 18

“My wife and I are grateful to have such a great resource available to us and it means a lot to know that my employer is willing to provide such terrific support.”

Testimonial 17

“The Capital Resource Network is easily the most professional, helpful, and effective such organization with which I have dealt. The friendliness and professionalism combined with a highly attentive and personal touch makes for a seemingly perfect organization…”

Testimonial 16

“Thank you so much for making our transition to Davis a smooth one. I’ve recommended your services and explicitly let our dean know how wonderful it was to have Capital Resource Network available to me as a new hire.”

Testimonial 15

“We are still weighing Davis and another option, and frankly resources such as the CRN and our ability to make progress in my spouse’s job search in the next weeks are exactly the factor that will tip the scales in our decision.”

Testimonial 14

“The team was professional, caring and very attentive throughout the process. The help they provided in finding employment for my partner was hugely helpful.”

Testimonial 13

“I just wanted to rave about the Capital Resource Network, through which we found a home, and thank you again for connecting me with them. I had no idea that the Davis rental market would be so difficult to navigate from this long distance, and their services have really been essential in all other ways. I am sure new employees have sung their praises before, but I wanted to add to the chorus.”

Testimonial 12

“Your team helped me a lot and gave me such confidence. I am so thankful for that.”

Testimonial 11

“Incorporating the CRN into our search process has resulted in great feedback from candidates that they have received information and assistance with a wide variety of needs including spousal employment.”

Testimonial 10

“…we have used the CRN program for recruitment, onboarding and retention efforts and have only received positive feedback…”